They may want to make it a simple event, but our spirits will reflect something else as we gather on Sunday, April  27, 2013 at 2 PM for Mass of Thanksgiving Celebrating Canonization of St. John XXIII and St. John Paul II at St. Columba Cathedral. The faithful have been proclaiming “Santo Sabito!  Sainthood Now” even as JPII lay dying. This weekend’s ceremonies will serve as an exclamation point on that campaign.  To mark this historic occasion, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops has reached out to writers, scholars , theologians – Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish – and media personnel involved in coverage of the much travelled John Paul II. It asked them to explore the meaning of the lives of these modern-day spiritual heroes and reflect on their contributions.Take a look at some of their brief reflections here.

While more than 4 million pilgrims and tourists will celebrate the event in the Vatican, we hope that you will choose to celebrate the occasion here at home.  In Cleveland, the Polish churches are opening their doors and enjoying the simulcast love together at 4 AM. This will be followed by a light breakfast, morning masses and Divine Mercy Devotions afterward. That is quite ambitious, so we instead look forward to enjoying the service the Diocese put together. Our plan would be to perhaps gather after to have refreshments and watch the service on playback. I hope you make time to join us to recognize the elevation of our beloved Polish pope.

TONIGHT Film Screening & Talk about Deportation Experience
YSU Slavic Student Association in conjunction with YSU English Festival will present a screening of "The Way Back". The 2010 Academy Award nominated epic adventure drama tells the story of a Polish POW in the Soviet Gulag. The screening will be preceded by discussion with Eugene Bak; the screening will be preceded by discussion with Eugene Bak, author of the book “Life's Journey” who will share his family’s 12 year journey of Siberian deportation under Soviet rule. Bak is the distinguished founder and director of the Polish American Cultural Center in Cleveland. In 2010, he was awarded the Knights Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, the nation’s highest honor for collaboration between nations.  NOTE: This is a harrowing story shared by many Mahoning Valley residents before arriving in the US. The FREE screening will take place on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 6PM in 132 DeBartolo Auditorium on the YSU campus (by parking deck M2).  

Polish History Class starts next week
It only last five weeks and gives you a chance to learn about a thousand years of proud history. Learn more about the land of your ancestors in a comfortable, conversational style in a class geared to give Polish-Americans an interesting overview of Poland's history. Classes will meet from 6-8:00 PM Thursday, May 1- May 29, 2014 (5 weeks) at 1st Presbyterian Church at Wick and Wood St., Downtown Youngstown.  We have a great deal about which to be proud—most of us just don’t know it!   The class will be taught by YSU instructor Emma M.C. Riggle. Books are available now to purchase or borrow to begin reading. For more information, call (330) 333-9724 or register online here.

Experience Sister Faustina, Share JPII’s inspiration
What do the upcoming canonization of Blessed Pope John Paul II and a Hollywood-style live production have in common? They are all related to the theme of Divine Mercy, a devotion of the Catholic Church that features a series of prayersSister Maria Faustina’s story in a modern fashion.  Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy, a moving, live production of St. Faustina’s compelling story will be presented at St. Anthony Church in Youngstown on Friday, May 2 at 7:30 PM. The program is filled with all the elements of professional theater, runs 90 minutes, and is suitable for ages 12 and up.  Admission is $8 each.  For tickets and additional information, contact St. Joseph the Provider School at 330-259-0353 or

News from Poland
by Ted Mirercki
U.S. Troops—at least a few of them—head to Poland 
The United States plans to carry out small ground-force exercises in Poland and Estonia in an attempt to reassure NATO’s Eastern European members worried about Russia’s military operations in and near Ukraine. The exercise in Poland, which is expected to be announced next week, would involve a United States Army company (approx 150 soliders) and would last about two weeks. This is a far smaller deployment than Poland’s foreign minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, suggested this month when he told reporters that he wanted the alliance to deploy two combat brigades (5,000 troops each) in Poland. The United States has already sent 12 F-16 fighter jets and 200 support personnel to Poland. U.S. officials say that although the exercises would be short and small, officials are considering other ways to maintain a regular ground-force presence in Eastern Europe by rotating troops and conducting training there.

Slavs here in the States are starting to show their support by creating rallies in the nation’s bigger cities, like one planned for Sunday in Chicago. Considering the support that Poland has given the U.S. government in Iraq and Afghanistan, we can hope that Poland will not be disappointed. Learn more about this story, and others in the most recent edition of Polish Media Watch. 

Calendar Highlights
Sunday, April 27 2 PM Papal Canonization Celebration, St. Columba Cathedral... Thursday, May 1 Historia: Polish History for Americans begins... Friday, May 2 at 7:30 p.m. Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy, the moving, live production, St. Anthony Church, Youngstown... May 12-14 Phase II Peterson Park Bricking Project continues... June 21 Simply Slavic scholarship applicants, volunteers, baking contest participants are all being solicited now... July 6-12, 2014 Polish Youth Summer Camp applications are available... Our complete 2014 calendar of event dates is available on the PolishYoungstown website... don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for quicker updates.

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Polish Words of the Month
February                       Luty
Valentine’s Day             Walentynki
Happy Valentine’s Day  Szczęśliwych Walentynek
I love you                      Kocham Cię
Greeting cards              Pocztówki z życzeniami
Flower bouquets           bukiety kwiatów
Perfumes                      perfumy
Candies                        czekoladki, słodkości
Rings                            pierścionki
Chocolates                   czekolady
Gift baskets                  kosze upominkowe