Whether you're trying to work up the nerve to ask that special someone out on a date, or you want to let your partner know how you feel, here are a few Polish phrases that will help you express yourself this Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day!                   
Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji walentynek!
Do you want to go on a date?         Umowisz sie ze mna?
I hope you like your gift.                 
Mam nadzieje, ze podoba Ci sie prezent.
You are sweeter than candy.          
Jestes słodszy niż cukierek.
You make me so happy!                   Jestes moją radością!
Kiss me!                                             Pocaluj mnie!
I love you!                                         
Kocham cię!

Celebrate Walentynki & Other love traditions at Polish Happy Hour
Get that warm feeling on the inside by learning about love and relationships in Poland when we talk about Walentynki at Polish Happy Hour on February 21 from 6 – 9 PM. Unlike the Anglo-Saxon Valentine’s Day, which as a commercial promotion has also spread to Poland in recent years, our Polish heritage includes a whole series of events celebrating boy-girl fascination, love and marriage. You learn a little about those with us as we enjoy some tasty Polish beer and food with our friends at the Justin & Aneta Homer opened The Casual Pint in the Shops at Boardman Park. ZAPRASZAMY!

Celebrate Carnival Polish Style

We are going to have to sacrifice and repent during Lent because we are making sure we are indulging ourselves—and YOU—during the weeks before!

Tickets are on sale for Polish Mardi Gras with style!
Tickets are now available for our Ostatki: A Polish Carnival Celebration on Saturday, March 2, 2019 at 6:30 PM at the elegant Youngstown County Club. Buy yours online HERE or pick up yours today  at Krakus Polish Deli & Bakery or The Casual Pint, both in Boardman. Guests will enjoy guided tastings of imported Polish vodka and liquors complimented by an elegant buffet dinner. Our friends will be doing a shopping trip in Chicago and NYC on our behalf and picked up some new and exciting delights for tasting. Great music sets the tone for the evening as guests enjoy trivia meet-and-greets, bead contests, elegant basket raffles, photo booths and other games. The evening will climax with the presentation of the celebratory pączki with a hidden surprise for one lucky winner.

Polonia around the country
A Beautiful Opportunity
The Cleveland Opera, led by the talented Dorota Sobieska, is sharing her skills with the Polish community once again by opening her latest show in Slavic Village! The beloved classic The Land of Smile, a beautifully melodic operetta by Franz Lehár, performed with the dazzling Cleveland Ballet AND the one-and-only Cleveland Women’s Orchestra, the show will premiere Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 7 PM at the Polish-American Cultural Center at 6501 Lansing Avenue, Cleveland OH 44105. Sung in English, fully staged and costumed, the opera tells a love story that takes you from Vienna, the capital of grand waltzes, to China, the magical Land of Smiles.In this intimate setting it will no doubt be stunning!  Tickets are $25 General Admission, $10 Student — are available by calling 216-816-1411 or online here.
Let’s get a van together and go!

News from Poland by Ted Mirercki
Brexit: What’s a Pole to do?
Warsaw wants Poles in the United Kingdom to come home and help the booming economystaying booming. London says it wants them to stay. However, Poles on the ground say that the 2016 referendum brought the worst out in some British people. "The racism and the feeling of superiority over others…People started saying nasty things out loud, as if the Brexit vote somehow legitimized what they were feeling about ‘those bloody immigrants’ but had always been unable to say.” Where does that leave the almost 1 million people caught in the middle? Learn more about this story and more in the most recent edition of Polish Media Watch.

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